An inexperienced project manager can make or break a project. It’s been proven many times before that lack of coordination and proper communication has a direct effect on program and cost of a project putting the client at risk.

We at Equity put measures in place protecting all parties involved to minimise risk and create a pleasant working environment that is contractual, fair and beneficial.

By implementing a proper communication system and management structure, information flow and design coordination will create a natural flow of information feeding the contractor ahead of time to ensure the project remains on program.



Creating and managing a quality control system to ensure the structure and services are built complying to the SANS code. We also ensure the clients expectations are clear and met, reviewing what was priced against the required finish to be achieved.

Health and safety

Our health and safety consultant reports on safety for the duration of the project, ensuring the correct appointment are in place as per construction regulation and OHSAC. This gets communicated to the construction teams to ensure all risks are managed and works methods are in place, making all parties understand their responsibilities towards safety.

Financial management

The quantity surveyor has the responsibility to ensure that the client remains within budget and is tasked to find ways to present savings to the client. A true reflection of the budget is always presented in the form of a monthly report creating a trustworthy relationship between ourselves and the client.

Program and sequence

It’s not only the contractor that needs to be monitored and managed in terms of progress and time but also the professional team, ensuring information are issued in time for the contractor to price, procure, manufacture and install.

Programs are generated accurately to show time allocation per activity and their sequence and highlighted in the form of reporting to the client. From this the client can understand cost vs time and instruct accordingly.


The best contractor and design teams can be appointment, but without proper communication and coordination, there will be an impact on time on cost which in turn puts risk on the client.

Our project managers will set up regular meetings for coordination, shop drawings, approvals, budget review and overall project progress. Monthly reports also gets submitted to the client for update and review


The traditional approach for construction projects consists of the appointment of a designer on the one side, and the appointment of contractor on the other side. Over the years we found the design – build appointment to be more effective. It answers the client’s wishes for a single point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce risk and overall cost. This also allows the project betterment on time by overlapping the design phase and construction phase.

Should the need not be there for Design-Build, Equity still gets involved in the design side of the project to provide clients and contractors with technical advice and detailed drawings.


Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness. Something we believe in.


At Equity Developers, we make safety more than just a part of our job, but the way we live, drive and work


In everything we do as a company, we consistently uphold that our employees are our greatest asset.


Equity Developers has staff are green conscious and are capable and qualified to assist and execute in any project.


Equity Property Developers are waiting to provide you with more information , answer any questions you may have and create an effective solution for your needs.


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